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I met 48 sellers in the last 2 years. Some of them do 8M+. Here is what separates them from the others

Written by Alex Bezhan, 2022-09-13

Something I’ve discovered is so basic.

When you think of it, it makes absolute sense.

Still only a few people realise it.

It’s simple. But it’s not easy.

So what successful sellers do that others don’t?

They are a long-term thinkers.

Last year I met this guy. He was a serious seller doing 8.357M per year.

Amazon Seller making 8M per year

He was launching a new product and asked me for help with some strategy stuff.

He didn’t ask me to get as much profit in the first month.

In fact, he wasn’t looking for any profit at all during the launch phase.

He asked me instead:

“How do we apply as much effort as possible to make success in the next 6 months almost inevitable?”

This was the right question to ask. Since then we launched his product in a supplements niche(very competitive!) and over the next 12 months grew it to $1M per year.

You see what he did here?

He optimised for long-term.

But you may ask me, what if I can’t afford pouring money without expecting any profits?

This brings me to the second thing, that successful sellers do well.

They understand what is important, and what is not.

Let’s say, you don’t have a lot of money to invest for 6 months.

Of course in this case your strategy should be different.

Let’s say you launched a product in a not very competitive niche and you started making some money.

And you want to grow more.

But how?

There are gazillion things you could do to achieve that.

You could hire the best listing optimisation experts.

You could hire the best PPC managers, or even an agency. Or you could do it yourself.

You could start testing price elasticity.

You could do A/B testing of images with Pickfu.

You could drive Google/Facebook traffic to your listing.

You could even expand brand to Shopify.

You could hire a guru to teach you how to grow your brand in 2 days(you see how I love gurus).

You see, there are a lot of things.

But successful sellers can see through this noise.

They understand what is the one thing that is crucial right now.

For that I recommend this book “The One Thing” (Gary Keller).

And you see, I lied a bit here.

It’s not exactly one thing.

It’s to illustrate the point.

There are few things, that if you do them right, will take care of everything else.

But how to see through this noise of all the possibilities?

Well, there is Theory of Constraints.

It explains that you should think about your business bottlenecks.

There is an incredible book “The Goal” (Eliyahu M. Goldratt), that illustrates this theory very well.

So go ahead.

Pick these two books.

Read “The One Thing” once and “The Goal” twice.

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PS. Best products deserve to be selling the best. So I want you to become as good of a seller as you can. There is no excuse. If your product is useful and good.

PPS. If your product is not good, please stop selling it. And go do some useful things for humanity elsewhere.