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100% profit -focused PPC management for Amazon brands.

131.3k / 30 days
You have an Amazon brand. I help you drive profitable sales at scale.

+$5,000 in sales in 2 months - are you next?

Your problem?

Amazon is no joke. CPCs are crazy.

You probably experience one of the following
scenarios firsthand:

Ads that hit an "invisible ceiling" at $30k, $50k or $100k (depending on your niche)
ACoS suddenly increased for no obvious reason.
Unprofitable sales due to sky-high CPCs.
China competitors with fake reviews. Lots of them.
Not sure if your PPC manager is doing a good job.

My solution

No matter how many of the above issues you have, I will help you get your Amazon PPC back on track and make it controllable and predictable
Running ads with my specific campaign structure
Absolute laser-focus on profitability from day 1
Understanding fundamentally how Amazon PPC works and where it works against you
Testing keywords the right way, cutting losers early and scaling properly

An FBA client in the Office Supplies category...

2 months later...

31% ROAS

(2.072% -> 3.036%)

28% Sales

($19,188.10 -> $26,637.50)

Eugene Phetko

After 2 months of working with guys I have been seeing stable positive results. Now I understand that Amazon PPC management might be not intuitive, but strong logically and algorithmically managed. Because of their experience, they can prognose ACoS(with fixed either Ads spend or Ads Sales).

PPC optimization is not a fast process but if you are going seriously to invest in your business and are able to wait a few months, definitely would recommend the AMS pilot team.

About Me...

(Who is this weird PPC fanatic?)

I started with Amazon in late 2018 while working as software developer since 2010. Discovered my love(hate) relationship with Amazon PPC in 2019.

After burning through enough of my cash I became more and more confident to start new Amazon products and eventually even clients. I learned from the top experts and courses. Combined this knowledge with my 10 years of extensive IT experience.

Fast forward now in 2022 I manage PPC for brands with $800k+ in revenue.

- Alex Bezhan


Sell more. Keep more. Grow your brand.

Let's do the magic for your business.

Warning: you might need a bigger FBA stock.

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